Dallas Theological Seminary is an established, well respected seminary with locations throughout the US and a large international draw, particularly in China and Latin America. We partnered with them to redesign both their main school website and digital publication site, DTS Voice.
Website Redesign
Information Architecture
Experience Design
Site Development
CMS Implementation
Art Direction

Old School, New Message

DTS boasts a stellar reputation built over many years atop a foundation of established, often traditional values. But it’s also an evolving brand primed for relevance in a contemporary landscape. The new site represents those two currents, balancing a design system that respects the heritage of DTS’s traditional brand with language and imagery that leans into the diversity and flexibility essential for the school’s continued evolution and growth.

Dallas Theological Seminary screenshot of the Seminary is for You landing page
Phones display how Dallas Theological Seminary uses responsive design

A Community Well of Content

The DTS community is both inspired and inspiring, and they’ve put a ton of content into the world in support of those claims. So much so that they have a separate site, DTS Voice, for publishing content with a much wider net than seminary students. With over 10,000 posts ranging from videos and podcasts to written articles and free online courses, the integration of dts.edu and dts.voice.edu had to be seamless from both technical and UX perspectives.

We acheived this by creating a system where community content is published solely on dts.voice.edu. Relevant content can then be pulled into the main site and experienced there in full, without a prospective seminary student having to be ushered off to a new site with a navigation system and content strategy not optimized for conversion.

Highlight Academics

DTS offers some innovative new programs alongside more traditional seminary stalwarts. They also boast a highly renowned faculty comprising a formidable draw for prospective students. We provided a robust visual design system and an intuitive information architecture for academic programs, departments, and faculty to be promoted to the fullest extent they deserve.